How to deal with leakage of water pump?


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How to deal with leakage of water pump?

(1) When installing the water pump, the water seal seat ring assembly is not installed in place, causing the water pump to continue leaking. Since the pump shaft corresponding to the inspection hole has a retaining (sweeping) water ring, when the water seal leaks, the cooling water will be thrown out of the inspection hole of the water pump and drip when the pump shaft encounters the retaining ring. The cooling water flows into the bearing and breaks the lubrication. In addition, when the replacement of the retaining ring does not pay attention to clear the pump and the pump cover can not be well combined and sealed, it will also cause the water pump leakage.



(2) The poor working environment of the construction machinery can easily cause uneven wear of the bakelite gasket and the end face of the bushing; the springs are immersed in water for a long time and are liable to rust and elasticity, and can also cause water leakage.



(3) In winter, if you forget to put water or water is not clean, and the temperature is too high when water is released, freezing of the water vapor in the cooling system will cause freezing of the pump body and lead to water leakage.



(4) The machine is old and the parts in the water seal are worn out, rusted, and aged. It is also the cause of the water pump leaking. When the construction machinery is parked for a long time, because there is no cooling water in the engine, the bakelite gasket will be deformed due to dryness and shrinkage. After the water is added, the bakelite gasket will not fully recover but will cause a small amount of water leakage. In addition, for newly installed pumps, bakelite gaskets and cast iron bushings are not yet fully ground, which will also result in a small amount of water leakage from the pump.

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