8×6WXPP INDUX® Pump - The Highest Pressure-rated Centrifugal Pump


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8×6WXPP INDUX® Pump - The Highest Pressure-rated Centrifugal Pump

To meet the customer's need of multistage slurry pumps in series for tailing application. The TIIEC technical team designed the 8×6WXPP centrifugal pump with Max working pressure 6440 KPa (934 Psi). The 3rd stage, 4th stage, and 5th stage are designed to install the 8×6WXPP high pressure-rated slurry pump to meet the requirements of the high head and low flow system.  
The pressure test is perfectly finished at 6500 KPa (942 Psi) with the axial deformation of 0.25 ~ 0.3mm. It guarantees the pipes will run stable and makes the wet parts a longer working life. 

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