How to deal with leakage of water pump?


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How to deal with leakage of water pump?

If it is found that the water pump of the operating engine is leaking, it shall not immediately stop its operation, it shall be kept at the lowest stable speed, and at the same time, water shall be added to the inside of the cooling system. (Note: When opening the filler cap, one should be placed above it. Covering material to prevent burned water vapor from being burned. Cool down the engine, drive it for a short period of time and at a slow speed, and drive it to nearby shelters for exclusion. If it is a sudden pump casing rupture and leaking, or the pump components damaged and lose pumping effect, the relevant parts can be replaced as appropriate, troubleshooting.



If the water pump is damaged very badly and there is no repair condition on the way, the water inlet and outlet pipes of the water pump can be directly connected to make full use of the natural circulation of hot and cold water to temporarily maintain the normal temperature of the engine; or use an inner tube or bucket as The container is firmly fixed, and then two hoses are drawn from the container, one is connected to the inlet of the engine and the other is connected to the outlet of the engine. The other end of the two tubes are inserted into the container. Inside, and should fix the hose firmly.



If only the water pump housing cracks and leaks, the cracks can be disposed of and then repaired with an adhesive. In order to respond to emergencies, it is advisable to use egg white and cement to form a sticky mass and apply it to the cracks. It can be used after a few minutes of solidification.



Water leakage from the water seal of the pump is also common during construction or operation of the construction machinery. As long as there is no damage or expansion deformation of the water-skewing ring, or the spring force of the water seal is insufficient or broken, the emergency treatment can be performed. The specific method of emergency treatment is: if the water pump seal is slightly leaky due to loose seal, but the wear is not serious, an emery cloth can be laid on the glass plate or flat plate, and the sealing plane of the water seal can be smoothed and smoothed; Bakelite water seal can be used after flipping. However, it should be noted that the interface between the water cover and the pump body should be ground to ensure its sealing performance.

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